calling doesn’t come with a costume

Fuck your preconcieved notions.

People often ask me if Im vegan.

Or why I havent loc’d my hair.

Or why I use the words like “nigga”, “bitch” so casually.

Why I listen to trap music and embrace  rachetness.

It seems that people think I have to wear head wraps and a vest from the thrift store, douse myself in patchouli, listen to neo-soul and refer to ever one as “Queen” or “King”, to fit into the mold of a mom and yogi and intuitive wizard.


I enjoy weaves, tight clothes, curse words, going to the Windsor, Shy Glizzy, and eating cheese steaks. I think Cardi B is a feminist icon, and Beyonce is a demi god.

I dont subscribe to popular new age ideology.I dont believe chakras have colors.  I have no clue what a light language is, I dont think everyone is an empathetic introvert just because they stay home sometimes, and I dont always recycle.

And who gonna check me?

Nobody. Because I am my own version of God.

Your calling does not come with a costume.

There are no prescribed notions of what an intuitive healer should look like. And if you’re falling into those ideas, you are more interested in appeasing ego than you are searching for truth. The pretentiousness thats creeping up in the idea of spirituality is problematic and elitist.

Ive met more prophets walking Baltimore Street after hours, than I ever have at a poetry slam.

I see God in the niggas on the corner, serving communion, with their heightened external senses and feeling of immortality although they know their flesh will die soon.

the black women with the “horrible attitudes and loud mouths” are who will lead this phase of our revolution with their hair-trigger tempers and take-no-shit ideology.

and theres a very good chance that the person with the “costume” of a conscious person, really aint about shit.

Re-posting memes about moon rituals and  carrying a random amethyst in your pocket doesnt say anything about the god in someone. It only shows their talent for mimicry and how well they adopt trends.

You have to be your own definition of God, and becoming a living embodiment of it, in order to start your evolution.

And that involves your God twerking to Gangsta Boo, so be it.



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  1. lovepeacemuzic says:

    Love it! Learning this more and more everyday.


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