numbering of your stars

I’ve come to realize


an empire

is not how much money you have

is not how much land your conquer

is not how many enemies you defeat

but rather

it is

how many responsibilities rest on your shoulders

it is

how many decisions you make in a day

it is

how many people rely

on your




how many people’s lives you affect

how many people depend on you.

how many details you must remember.

how many actions you are accountable for.

I am the supreme ruler of my little

saffron universe.

not just the yoga studio

not just the trap temple


the entire microcosm.

I have to expand

my consciousness

my wisdom

my maturity

my patience

my abilities

my capacity for love and empathy

to an

infinite and omnipotent presence.

I must determine the number of my stars


give them all of their names.


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